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  1. Gary Abbe December 6, 2019 at 12:04 pm #

    So, Dr. Laura V., you were a newbie when you posted this, so wondering how you’ve done since November 2015 with four years under your belt? You can be as wordy or Reader’s Digest version as you like. I enjoyed reading your post. Also, how is your risk taker sister doing and did your parents ever jump on board?

    • Laverga February 4, 2020 at 6:17 pm #

      Hello Gary,
      So I do need to be completely transparent, after February 2016, I completely and utterly fell off the wagon. Why? Because I had another baby and the cascade of life events came after it. I hate to even admit that I truly was just too overwhelmed at that early motherhood stage to continue with it. Well, when I went to get back on the wagon after a blur of a first year with the baby, then got knocked down again when we moved across the country for my husband’s job, then moved again 4 months later. Then sunk into a pretty deep depression because I HATED where we lived and the life we left behind. Quite honestly I didn’t care about anything except making it through the day for 2 years until we could move again. During that time, I had a bunch of scary personal health issues crop up as well. It was a pretty dark time for me. Excuse after excuse after excuse. I feel like I let myself and others down to be honest. I won’t lie, I feel embarrassed that all of this got the better of me and that I should have been able to overcome all of it but just…couldn’t. I thought about getting back into it frequently. Then in September 2018, on a whim, I started peeking at the market again. I jumped into TLRY at an insanely perfect time and bought some options…and made $38,000 in 2 days with maybe a $3,000 investment. It was astounding. (Admittedly it was a little of an off system trade but I wouldn’t have known how to do it without knowing this system.) And was reminded of WHY I need to get back in. Because it works. Well even after that success, I still hadn’t recommitted. We moved across the country again in August 2019, and now, 6 months later I’m finally feeling settled enough that I find myself thinking more and more to reread the manual, revisit the videos and get back to it. After an almost 4 year hiatus. Hard to believe it’s been that long even as I type it. Funny enough, my best friend JUST asked me about it today after me bothering her 6 years ago to check it out. And so, I logged in and happened to see your message. I feel like a rusty wheel is turning again. I’m kind of appalled that my break has been 4 years long (with the exception of that one crazy trade). I try not to think of the opportunities I missed out on because I just couldn’t get myself out of that hole for a while to even care. Thankfully this move turned out to be an awesome one and we’re staying put for a very very long time. My kids are finally getting to an age where they’re more independent and/or have started school. My health is slowly turning back around (I hope anyway) and I feel ready to recommit. Ugh, I feel icky even writing all this down. I wish I could have said I missed your comment for the last 2 months because I did so awesome trading that I bought an island that doesn’t have a wifi signal. But instead I get to write about the dredge of daily life and excuses and it feels uncomfortable and unpleasant. My sister didn’t really stick with it very long. She got wrapped up in life as well. My parents never did jump on board and don’t have any interest. Lol I totally rambled in my testimonial. Geez. And wrote a novel here today as well. I’d like to say in parting though, don’t do what I did. But at the same time, if life does beat you down and you fall off for a while, it’s okay, and just keep going, try again. Life has a funny way of giving second (and third and fourth) chances.

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