Market Uncertainty

  There have been a few rare times in history when you didn’t need great skills to do well in the market. 

In these rare times, one could blindly throw a pile of money in stocks, and in a short time, get a nice fat return on that investment.  
Okay, now here’s the bad news….this is definitely not one of those times!
Far from it!


We are not in a pro-business environment right nowThe market is in very uncertain times.  New taxes and new regulations have brought uncertainty to business growth.  That can hurt the market. 
You may have heard of the impending "fiscal cliff" that will kick in on January 1, 2013 if there is no agreement between what the President wants and what Congress wants.  If there’s no agreement, taxes on investments will go up dramatically.   The entire risk v. reward calculation will change.  The market hates that kind of uncertainty.


No matter what happens, good or bad, a smart trader must be prepared
In fact, knowledgeable traders make money five times faster in an economic downturn than in a bull market.  
But, you have to have the specialized knowledge to capitalize of these market swings.  



There are two important questions to ask yourself…
1. Where will you be financially three years from today if you keep doing what you are doing now?

2. Where will you be financially three years from today if you TAKE ACTION NOW, get the specialized knowledge you need, and start putting that knowledge to work for you?

Remember, the difference between succeeding or not is getting specialized knowledge, but first you have to commit to take action.



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