The Great Recession

The heart of “The Great Recession” wasn’t that long ago. 
It startled most people. 
It devastated many. 
People saw their life savings reduced in half as the market plummeted from 14,000 to 6,700. 
For the average investor, the value of their stock portfolios and 401K’s were decimated before they really had a grasp of what was happening. They watched like a deer in the headlights as their wealth disappeared.

The problem with the average investor is that they don’t know the proper signals to tell them when to get in and when to get out of the market.  Most people just stayed in.  They closed their eyes and “hoped” things would work out. 
Some are still hoping.
But, the students that followed my advice knew the exact signals when to get out of the market, and when to go back in.  Better yet, they knew how to short the market and make huge returns as the market fell.
In fact, in 2008, I returned 80% in my portfolio.  Since then  the market has been incredible… right up until Covid-19 hit, which was a money maker too when the market fell.  I don’t tell you that to brag.  I tell you that to impress upon you that the sooner you take charge the better.

It’s all about knowledge.

Your Wealth Mentor,
Rick Warner, DC


P.S.  Don’t wait years to take action.  Take action now!

My system is about education.

I never lend money and never touch your investments. 

Rather, I teach families to create wealth and learn how to achieve financial independence.

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