MBA Courses

Fast Track Wealth Stock and Options Course   This checklist trading system takes the subjectivity out of trading.  Students who use Rick’s checklist trading system have specific criteria that allows them to filter through thousands of stocks and pick the ones that are set to take off like a rocket.   Then, the system tells a student when to trade those “high-flyer” stocks using specific indicators and when to sell to protect profit and minimize risk.

Rick has designed the Basic Stock and Options Course to be so simplistic a child can learn it.  Despite it’s simplicity it is still sophisticated enough that even seasoned stock brokers can learn a trick or two.  The course is comprised of 2 pdf manuals, on-line videos, email series of tutorials, exclusive member market updates by Rick and of course direct access to Rick to answer any questions and for personal coaching.  This course actually takes you step by step through the trading process with emphasis on minimizing risk and maximizing your profits!  We TEACH you how to trade and make informed decisions. We don’t just throw trades at you, leading you blindly through a maze of stocks that may or may not pan out.  You will have the education and checklists to make the best informed decisions with the highest probability of success!


Day Trading Boot Camp Very few day traders can be successful without the mentoring of someone who’s ‘been in the trenches’.  This is why the vast majority of day trading courses fall short.  They teach the ‘book stuff’ but don’t follow through with real-life training.  That’s like learning how to ride a bike without actually getting your knees scraped up a little.

Now, here’s the good news.  Rick’s Day Trading Course is unique.  The course involves a great deal of classroom work.  But, more importantly, it’s the ‘on the job’  training that refines the skills.  This class is a three day event held only once or twice a year, students must be successful in the Basic/Stock Options Course.  For more information, contact Rick at  click here.

The Cash Cow Course is an advanced income producing strategy which typically has returns ranging between 20% and 60%.  This strategy differs from the EOD (Basic Stock and Options Course) in that the EOD is a wealth building strategy designed to acquire greater wealth faster.  The Cash Cow is a constant and steady income producer.  Using Rick’s formula, the Cash Cow produces a high rate of return and very low risk.  As usual, Rick has taken a difficult advanced strategy and reduced it to a clear and simple concept taking you from A to Z.

 The requirements for this course are a working knowledge of the EOD (Basic Stock and Options) Course, particularly the Options and a minimum of $10,000 that can be invested.  This strategy typically requires one to four trades a month and is the best strategy for those who want a steady and predictable income for their retirement.  It works well in flat or sideways markets.