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It doesn’t take long to become financially independent making returns far greater than any return from a bank or retirement account.

Now Is Your Chance!
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But, do you qualify?

  1. Do you have a burning desire to be financially independent?
  2. Are you an “If it’s to be, it’s up to me…” type person?
  3. Are you committed to be diligent in your pursuit of wealth?
  4. Do you have 20 hours to initially commit to focused study of the coursework?
  5. Do you have ten minutes a day, after work, to commit to the program?
  6. Would you commit to virtually trade until you are consistently profitable?
  7. Do you have the cost of tuition and at least $5,000 of disposable income to begin trading?
  8. Do you have the desire to give back to charitable causes?

If you sincerely answered yes to all of these questions, then we are likely a match…

The truth is that the stock market is perhaps one of the few ways left for the “Average Joe” to become wealthy .  But, you have to know exactly what you are doing.  And, that’s what I teach in my Fast Track Wealth Stock/Options Course.

Hi, my name is Dr. Rick Warner.

I learned this business as a result of letting someone else, a broker, manage my money only to have him lose almost everything I gave him to invest.  I decided to take matters into my own hands because my feeling was that no one could manage my money or care about it as much as me.  I’m sure you have the same feelings.

I took the time to learn the Trading business.  As with all of my other successful endeavors, becoming a doctor, becoming a pilot, etc. I put my nose to the grind stone so to speak and read everything I could get my hands on about investing and day trading.  I even personally went straight to Wall Street to see how it was done and to learn from the experts there.

I Learned A Lot!… 
I Learned That Not Everyone Will Share Their Secrets
On How To Invest And Create Wealth
And You Have To Figure It Out For Yourself! 

I was on a mission and I wasn’t going to stop until I figured out every single detail.  After taking the best practices that I learned from the experts, applying my specialized knowledge and taking action, I learned how the system worked!  It took me some ups and downs because I had to figure out those strategies that no one wants to share.  But I mastered it!  Within a little under two years, I went from $8,000  starting out and grew my investment to $1.3 Million!

I became so successful that my Dad, also a chiropractor, wanted to learn my system… so I taught him.  Then he wanted me to share my system with his friends and colleagues, so I taught them my system.  I even taught my teenage son Austin my system and now he is a successful investor and in fact even teaches his specialized knowledge to our members!

It Doesn’t Matter If The Market Is Up, Down or Sideways…
You Can Make Money With My System

As conscientious as I am in learning, you can only imagine my training and experience in being a pilot since age 16.  I taught myself to fly first from reading books and then I  took the  necessary classes to get my pilot’s license.

Today I am licensed to fly all types of planes, helicopters and even hot-air balloons.  There are a lot of details when it comes to flying especially in being able to understand and know how to fly  various types of aircraft.  You can image that from this training as a pilot… I know the value of checklists.  It is all about a system and going through one item at time, checking it off, so you are ready and know you will be successful.

I Not Only Share The Secrets… You Also Get The Exact Details!

Here’s A Basic Overview of My System:
Let me tell you about how I trade, and how I teach my students to do the same.  I invented this system while I was still in practice as a full time chiropractor.  So, I needed to make it sleek, fast, and repeatable.   I needed it to be successful and yet not take so much time because of my profession.  My system takes only ten minutes a day, after work. I call it an E.O.D. System or End Of Day System.

Let Me Part The Curtains Now And Share The Details

I’m going to tell you some things about the stock market that will shock you.  Take a look at the ten-year charts of the DOW industrial average.  In the stock market, everything is gauged against the DOW.


Strategy 1 – If you would have “bought and held” the DOW from 2001 to 2010 (top chart), you would have lost money.   A “buy and hold” strategy over the  last ten years (bottom chart) would have made you money.  No one can predict what each decade will bring, but what if you had the knowledge and skill set to make money in the market no matter what it does?  As the late Kenny Rogers sang, you would, “…know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.”


Strategy 2 – Now, what if you had the specialized knowledge to know exactly when to sell your stocks at the start of a bear market, and put your money in cash?

Then, when the market turns “bullish” again, you buy the DOW stocks again (there are certain market indicators that I teach that give you these “bull” or “bear” signals).

Using this strategy you’d be up hundreds of percent during this same ten year period. (Bottom Chart)

Strategy 3 – Now, let’s say you added something else to your strategy.  Not only do you sell your stocks as bear markets hit, but you “go short” (don’t worry it’s all explained in the course). Later, you “buy long” as we enter the next bull market.  Using this strategy you’d be up thousands of percent in the same ten year period.

Strategy 4 – Now, let’s add something else to the mix.  Instead of trading the DOW, we use a proven system to search out “high-flying” stocks that have the highest probability of gaining momentum.  Using this strategy, you’d be up even more.

Strategy 5 – This is my strategy.  We employ Strategy 4, but, at times, we’ll use “option-trading” to super-charge our profits.  Now, we are making amazing profits.  If done correctly, option trading provides lower risk, and the highest profit potential.

There are tens of thousands of stocks.  So, how do you know which ones to trade?

My checklist trading system takes the subjectivity out of trading.  Students who use my checklist trading system have specific criteria that allows them to filter through stocks and pick the ones that are set to take off like a rocket.   Then, the system tells a student when to trade those “high-flyer” stocks using specific indicators.

My students study my course online, and at live seminars.  There are over four hours of video and 2 manuals  that will take only a few hours to read to master my system.  PLUS there is a 10 Part email series that summarizes the videos AND includes the checklists!  AND if that isn’t enough, there is a BONUS student forum for questions, answers, comparing trades and market discussion!

This is not one of those courses where you sit in room for a week and trades are thrown at you with no rhyme or reason why to buy or sell.  Where you don’t get educated, you just blindly follow the leader.  I TEACH you HOW to trade and WHY you should buy or sell so you are in control.  AND… I and my team are here to coach you personally at no extra charge!  You will now have the knowledge and the power to manage and grow your money for you and your family!

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect,
Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!

Then, comes the practice.  Taking what you’ve learned from my course, I will suggest that you “virtually trade” until you are consistently profitable.

What’s Covered In The
Fast Track Stock And Options Trading Course?

My specific stock and options trading techniques.
The mindset of a successful trader
Overcoming the two major barriers in trading.
Reading stock and options charts like a seasoned pro.
How to “virtually trade” with absolutely no risk.
Finding the right stocks to trade.
Pinpointing when to buy and sell stocks or stock options.
Nipping losses in the bud, and locking in massive profits.
Using leverage to magnify your gains.
Precise money management skills.
Choosing the right brokerage and avoiding excessive fees.
Where to locate free resources
How to master my time-tested system in just 10 minutes a day!


When You Register And Become Our Student You Will Also Receive
These Special Bonuses!…

I believe my system is many, many times safer than what the average trader uses.

My system is different in two big ways.  First, my system has been time tested in Bull and Bear markets,  Second, when you invest in my system you have complete access to me as your personal trading mentor.  You can call me anytime.

The Investment For Dr. Rick Warner’s

Is Only $3,995

This is a small investment to make when you compare it to the profits
you’ll learn to make through my course and I guarantee it.




I would love for you to join us.

If you have further questions that haven’t been answered here, feel free to CLICK HERE to contact Peggy by email or to call the corporate office.

Yours in wealth,

Rick Warner, D.C.

P.S. You can start learning today! My material is online.  And, as I’ve said, if you invest in the online courses, you can attend one of my live seminars for free.  Remember, you will have my personal contact information for coaching when you need it!

P.S.S. Don’t let the volatility of the market in the last few years frighten you away from taking personal charge of your financial destiny.  In fact, the recent economic turmoil should inspire you to get the knowledge that may help you profit wildly using sound, repeatable checklists.  There’s always a “Bull or Bear Market”