Cash Cow Course

The Next Level To Advanced Strategies!

The Cash Cow Course is an advanced income producing strategy which typically has returns ranging between 20% and 60%.  This strategy differs from the EOD (Basic Stock and Options Course) in that the EOD is a wealth building strategy designed to acquire greater wealth faster.  The Cash Cow is a constant and steady income producer.

Using Rick’s formula, the Cash Cow produces a high rate of return and very low risk.  As usual, Rick has taken a difficult advanced strategy and reduced it to a clear and simple concept taking you from A to Z.

The requirement for this course is a working knowledge of the EOD (Basic Stock and Options) Course, particularly the Options and a minimum of $25,000 that can be invested.  This strategy typically requires one to four trades a month and is the best strategy for those who want a steady and predictable income for their retirement.  We are always encouraging our students to share their knowledge with immediate family members and this is a great strategy to share with older family members who are looking for a steady source of additional income.

This course is available as a on-line video and a pdf course manual as well. Enrollment for $1995.00 includes lifetime access to the on-line videos, the pdf course manual and attendance to a live event for you and your immediate family (spouse,children and parents).  Attendance to future live events as an alumni is only $100 for your group! 

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