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“After Years of Saying No, I Finally Said Yes…”
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what stocks I like and why I like them
From: Rick Warner, D.C.
Tampa, FL
Re: Rick’s Insights
At first I said no… under no circumstances.  Not a chance.

And, then, I thought about it some more. Then, finally, I changed my mind.
Then, I did it.
It’s been a year now, and it’s worked better than I ever imagined… even in this whacky market.
But, most of all, my subscribers killed it!
Just recently, I picked the bottom on WLT, and “off-system” pick. It’s up 40% from that bottom.
We killed it in GOGO. 
We killed it in AMZN. 
And, many, many others.
Any one of those trades could have paid for a one year subscription to Rick’s Insights!
How can Rick’s Insights help you? 
Each Sunday at 3 p.m., I’ll send you Rick’s Insights and alert you to:
  The stocks on my personal watch list.
  What stock setups look good to me.
  The actual trades I’m looking at for my account, and why. 
  Advanced EOD lessons.
  Cash-Cow trades.
  Many off-system opportunities.


How can this help?
  •         Maybe you’re 99.9% focused on your practice (or business) right now.
  •         Maybe you’re insecure about the system at this point.
  •         Maybe you want to super-charge things with off-system setups.
  •         Maybe you want someone to hold your hand.
  •         Or, maybe, you are just as “on fire” about trading as me, and you want to learn even more.
If any of these describes you, then Rick’s Insights is for you. 
Rick’s Insights isn’t a whim. I’ve thought about it for 15 years. And, like I said, I’ve always hesitated.  
But, over the years, the number one comment I get is, “Rick, why not have a service where you tell subscribers the exact stocks/options that look good to you?
Of course, the purpose of Rick’s Insights won’t be for subscribers to “sit back” and wait for me to do something, but rather to be a supplement to your own research and diligence and learn even more that what I teach in the stock/options course.
I’m limiting the number of subscribers to 100 for the first year.  The subscription is $4,995 yearly.  
I attached a sample copy of Rick’s Insight’s below so you can see an example.
For now,

Rick Warner, D.C.
P.S.  Guys, for years, you asked me for this.  Now, it’s here.  It’s time for action. And, taking action pays off. Call Peggy now at 813-924-2255 to sign up for Rick’s Insights. Remember, we’ll only accept 100 subscribers the first year.   Tell Peggy that you want an extra three months of Rick’s Insights for taking action.