Big Secret of Trading…do you know what it is?


It’s one of the "big secrets" of trading.  And, surprisingly, 99% of traders will never do this.   Why?

They simply don’t have the knowledge. 
But, smart traders take advantage of this technique all the time. 
Of course, it’s wonderful when stocks climb.  But, when they fall, they fall hard and fast.  In fact, they fall five times faster than they go up.   When stocks do fall, it usually makes investors nervous and upset.
But, a smart trader with the right knowledge knows how to take advantage of a falling stock.  
The technique is called "shorting" and it makes those with the right knowledge very rich.  

Look at the chart above.  FSLR is a solar stock that fell like a rock in the past year (all solar stocks fell with the Solyndra debacle).  A smart trader could have made 300% as the stock fell from $45 to $15. 
Now, get this…A trader could have made many, many times more than 1000% using techniques I teach.
A smart trader that knows how to short has twice the opportunities to make money.  A great trader makes money when stocks go up, and when stocks go down. 
In fact, smart traders made a killing in the last recession.  In 2008, when the market was crushed, I was able to make an 80% return. 
Smart traders don’t mind recessions.  They make money  as the market bottoms on the "short" side, and also make money on the recovery.
It’s all about knowledge.  If you don’t have it, then get it!


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