Thank you for sharing this stuff.  I know you get stories all the time so I will share a current win of yours you do not know about.
My son Tyler is a math major at Dominican College and is graduating this spring so he is all about math probability.  He was a Lacrosse player and played his years.  So as he is figuring his way in life, I was talking about your course and how I am retaking it and reviewing it.  He said. ” Well can I take a look at it?”   So we took the course together and he is taking it his 3rd time now.
[He} Opened up his brokerage account and paper traded for a about 3 weeks. Now he put in his first trade.  I share this because I think you would love to see the excitement and enthusiasm you have brought to this kid.  He is all about the numbers, charting, tracking.
It was like ‘pow’ that is what I needed when I need it.  He loves it and lives it. He is in my IBD account all the time taking notes creating his list and doing some very cool charting on paper. As soon as he meets your criteria for day trading he wants to take your course he just has to finish this spring semester and put enough in his trading account to get going.
So thank you for all you do. You have changed this kids life.  I guess “You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today will effect the lives of millions tomorrow”. I know how it will effect at least one so thank you for all you do.