Is the Stock Market a Good Place for Your Money?

It’s a legitimate question. 
Is the stock market a good place for your money?
That depends. 
If you are willing to learn and do your homework, and follow your positions, I believe there’s no better place to become wealthy than the stock market.
If you are not willing to do the work, follow the rules and be disciplined and consistent then trading may not be for you.  If small fluctuations in your account would make you crazy, then trading may not be for you.  If you are investing money you cannot afford to lose, then trading is not for you.
Successful trading is a skill set. It takes an investment of time and a willingness and desire to learn.
Your Wealth Mentor,
Rick Warner, DC



P.S.  I doubt if I’m smarter than you are.  It’s not about “smarts”…  it’s about learning a simple system that works, and sticking with it.  That’s what I teach.

My system is about education.

I never lend money and never touch your investments. 

Rather, I teach families to create wealth and learn how to achieve financial independence.

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