The Cash Cow Strategy


There is no one correct way to profit in the stock market.  There are many successful strategies, and much of it has to do with a person’s goals.
Retired persons, for example, may want a strategy that gives them a reasonable and safe return, month after month after month.
My dad fell into that category.
Lately, I’ve been teaching a course called the “Cash Cow Strategy.”  It’s had a terrific response.
In the Cash Cow Strategy course, I teach students to make regular, guaranteed income from stocks they own.
Years ago, I taught this same strategy to my dad who made a fairly consistent income of 1-4% per month on his portfolio.  The least my dad made using the Cash Cow  Strategy was 27%.


Your Wealth Mentor,

Rick Warner, DC



P.S.   My dad lived very well using the Cash Cow Strategy.

My system is about education; it’s not a Madoff thing. 

I never lend money and never touch your investments. 

Rather, I teach families to create wealth and learn how to achieve financial independence.


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