Trading and the News

Stocks gain or lose value depending on a variety of reasons.

A bad earnings report can make a stock tank in value.  A good one can make it soar to unexpected heights.

Likewise, good news about a company can make the stock jump.  Bad news can make the stock fall.

But, here’s the funny thing….  one never knows how “the market” will react to news.  Sometimes a stock falls on good earnings, and sometimes a stock falls on good news.

So, what does a trader do?  How do you trade according to the news? 
Well, you don’t!
We trade stocks based on objective criteria.   We use a set of proven “checklist” criteria that leaves the subjectivity out of it.   The way we trade, you could throw out your TV, and never watch the news.  It’s all in the charts.
Using my “checklist” system, one never needs to know the news about a company.  What we need to know is what the market “thinks” of a stock, and that’s all reflected in the charts.
Your Wealth Mentor,
Rick Warner, DC


P.S.  I hope to see you at a seminar soon.

My system is about education. 

I never lend money and never touch your investments. 

Rather, I teach families to create wealth and learn how to achieve financial independence.

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