Why Some Stock/Option Traders Drive Themselves Nuts‏


It drives many investors bonkers.

They think it’s necessary to become a financial genius to trade stocks successfully.
They’ll watch the talking heads on the financial news shows, and become totally confused.
They may study fundamental terms like book value, P/E ratio, cash flow, return on assets, accumulation vs. distribution, etc. They may even try to make sense out of the annual reports of a company.
Fat chance on figuring those out.


Despite their good intentions, most finally give up and just "throw a dart" or leave their investment decisions to a "professional."
Here’s the truth…
You don’t need to have a Ph.D. in economics to trade successfully. In fact, not having one will likely make you a better trader.

Publications have already crunched the numbers for you. You just need to know what fundamental values to look for, and where to find them.


Then, you need a proven trading system to tell you when to buy and when to sell.

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